Meet Roham 2.0, the pinnacle of innovation in fish farm maintenance technology. Designed to revolutionize the aquaculture industry, Roham 2.0 embodies the essence of sustainability, efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

Constant Cleaning:

Roham 2.0 is not just a net cleaning system; it’s a game-changer. Traditional methods of net cleaning are fraught with challenges, stressing fish, damaging nets, and contributing to carbon emissions. In stark contrast, Roham 2.0 offers stress-free, continuous cleaning without harming fish or nets and emits no CO2. Its autonomous operation ensures constant cleaning, maintaining pristine conditions in fish farming pens while providing real-time reporting on cleaning progress and algae accumulation. Operators have complete control over cleaning frequency via a user-friendly app, empowering them to uphold sustainable aquaculture practices effortlessly.

Constant Monitoring:

With its advanced inspection capabilities, Roham 2.0 takes net maintenance to unprecedented levels of precision and efficiency. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, this autonomous robot conducts thorough inspections of nets, detecting any irregularities or damages with pinpoint accuracy. Instant alerts and comprehensive reports enable immediate action to address concerns, ensuring the integrity of net infrastructure. The flexibility of the system extends to inspection intervals, allowing operators to tailor schedules to meet specific needs and preferences. This customizable feature guarantees peace of mind and confidence in maintaining optimal conditions for fish farming operations.

BIG Data AI Analyses:

Equipped with advanced artificial intelligence (AI), Roham 2.0 transcends traditional cleaning and inspection systems. In addition to its primary functions, the robot collects extensive environmental data using built-in sensors, paving the way for groundbreaking AI analyses. Through the power of AI, Roham 2.0 not only analyzes and interprets collected data but also learns and adapts autonomously over time. This symbiotic relationship between cutting-edge technology and sustainable innovation facilitates enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in monitoring the aquatic ecosystem within fish farming pens. Roham 2.0 heralds a new era of environmentally conscious practices, ensuring the future sustainability of the fish-farming industry.