The terms for pre-orders

Rohamrobotic has under development an autonomous underwater Robot platform for inspecting and cleaning nets and for BIG data analysis in fish farms. The following terms apply to pre-orders for Rohamrobotic. By submitting a pre-order, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms listed below.


Here’s the purpose

The purpose of a pre-order is to give potential customers priority in the production queue and to allow RohamRobotic to identify how production capacity can be scaled.


There is no obligation

The pre-order is not an offer or an agreement to purchase or rent. By placing a pre-order, a potential customer does not commit to purchase or rent RohamRobotic. As well, pre-ordering does not obligate RohamRobotic to offer a sale / rental agreement to a potential customer. A pre-order is only an indication of interest in entering into such an agreement in the future.


The project is in development

It is important to note that RohamRobotic is not yet commercially available, and its commercialization is not expected until Q4 2023 at the earliest. In the future, potential customers will receive updates about the rental/purchase price and expected delivery time and will receive the exact terms of an agreement. Rohamrobotic will send such information to the email address provided by the Potential Customer, and the Potential Customer agrees to receive such information from Rohamrobotic.


Information regarding the product, including but not limited to technical descriptions, prices, and delivery times, as stated in marketing material, presentations, and on the website, is therefore preliminary and subject to change. When RohamRobotic opens for agreement, final information will be provided.


It costs

Each reserved Roham 2.0 costs 150 € (plus VAT per reserved Roham 2.0). And at least you must buy 3 robots.

The final price for Roham 2.0 is around 3000 € + VAT


RohamRobotic will invoice the agreed amount, and the invoice will have 30 days due. In order to maintain the reserved space in the queue, the invoice must be paid in a timely manner.


A cancellation right applies to pre-orders

Right to cancel Pre-order.

Both Potential Customer and RohamRobotic may, for any reason, cancel the Pre-order at any time, without obligation or liability to the other party. If Pre-order is canceled, regardless of by whom, the pre-order fee paid will not be refunded.

Cancellations from Potential Customers are made via RohamRobotic website by using the Contact Us form. Cancellations from RohamRobotic will be made to the email address Potential Customer has provided for correspondence with RohamRobotic.








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