How we got here


Several years ago, Zahra Chehreghan (CEO of RohamRobotic) worked as an animal scientist for a big fish farming company in Iran. Due to problems with cleaning the ponds, the company struggled with maintaining the water quality.

Fish ponds were cleaned by human labor. However, the cleaning was not constant and accurate enough, which had a detrimental effect on the health of the fish and the company’s profitability.


2020 Establishing a team

With a group of people with excellent backgrounds in robotics, manufacturing and designing industrial machines, she brought up a problem she was facing in the fish farming industry a few years ago, and they decided to develop autonomous robots in order to resolve the issue.

First Prototype

A first prototype was constructed and tested. This prototype was focused on inspection, incorporating three main concepts, navigation, detection, and reporting. Four of these prototypes were sold to the largest fish farm in our country. It performed satisfactorily and was well suited to the inspection of fish farming ponds.

Second Prototype

The second MVP was constructed and tested. The prototype was focused on the cleaning function. The prototype automatically cleaned the net and reported back the status and amount or lack of algae. If there were any signs that you needed more cleaning, you would receive a notification, and you could prepare in advance. The cleaning was not perfect, but it resulted in 50% less manual cleaning required.


To reach the global market and take advantage of the amazing startup ecosystem in Estonia, we relocated our startup company to Estonia.



We conducted intensive research on cleaning problems in the fish farming industry in the new target market, which led us to plan fundamental changes in our new product to make it suitable for this new market

New Design


The most changes we are making are related to the design of the robot so that it can be used for fish farming nets. The previous robot was designed for fish farming ponds. It is an entirely new design which affects all of the robot’s functions. We decided to apply for a patent in order to protect the new design.

Pre Order


Four pre-orders have been received for the robot. We decided to start getting pre-orders to determine if the customers are interested in our product.




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